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EU.Terpe: Call for composers closed for applications

Call for a selection of three composers for creation of “A debut opera for an inclusive Europe” for EU.Terpe project co-financed by Creative Europe programme.

At the end 117 composers applied: Italy – 70, Spain 43 and 4 from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The jury: Mr. Mauro Montalbetti (jury chair), Mr. Francesco Antonioni (Italy) and Mr. Michael Thomas (Spain) will select three composers (each from one country).

The results of the selection will be published on the website after jury makes decision at 25th Septebmber. Winners will also receive personal communication of their selection.

The three selected composers (Italy, Spain, Bosnia) will share a common path in the making of an orchestral work. Guided by the director of the Syrian National Synphonic Orchestra Mr. Missak Baghboudarian. Musicians will meet in Sarajevo (9-12 October 2017) for a working stay and there , they will share their own creative journey. Each musical language will thus combine together with the Syrian musical tradition stressing the real purpose of this call: extend the interaction between different cultures.

Partners in project are Associazione Musicale Bruno Maderna (Italy), Associacion Cultural “Amigos de la Orquesta Ciudad de Almeria (Spain) and Udruzenje Urban (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

More about project you can find HERE

Gallery form kick off meeting in Forli – 15/06/17

The project aims at putting together 2 European orchestras with Syrian musicians that sought refugee in EU and with SEPO (Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra) in order to co-create a first work to be performed around the partner’s countries (Italy, Spain and Bosnia Herzegovina). During the events, concerts will be combined with public events to raise awareness on Syrian refugees situation.

The project will thus enhance mutual cultural understanding first of all among musicians of the involved orchestras, using music as a channel of communication and also foster intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, and respect for other cultures involving different audiences during the public side events, through an informed political debate as an aspect of cultural activity.