After co-creation meeting in Sarajevo three selected composers, agreed to  produce one composition divided in three parts and each composer will compose one part.

The mixed Orchestra will play that composition in concerts in Forli, Almeria and Sarajevo.

Associazione Musicale Bruno Maderna (Corso Garibaldi, 98 – 47121 Forlì, P.I e C.F. 02483330409)

Born in Forlì on the initiative of some musician friends animated by the desire to make music together, the Association Bruno Maderna has pursued in its years of activities some precise goals: to offer to the local public a direct relationship with the orchestra, soloists and conductors of international fame; To allow young students and enthusiasts to attend “open trials” and to attend meetings with authors; To encourage participation in orchestral training projects and the inclusion of young and promising instrumentalists among professional musicians. For twenty years the Bruno Maderna Orchestra has been producing and distributing music and has performed more than 600 concerts in Italy, Europe and Asia. It has collaborated with great artists such as G.Sollima, K.H. Steffens, E. Dindo, U. Ugh, D.Rossi, V. Mullova, Lu Jia, M. Quarta, L. Vogt, S. Krylov, F. M. Bressan and many more. In these years the coalition of the Maderna Association with the Association Amici dell’Arte di Forlì and the Association Forlì for Verdi, under the name Forlì Musica, has made it possible for Forlì to realize a very high standard music season.

URBAN Association was founded in Sarajevo 2007. with the goal of promoting culture in of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goals of the association are to promote young artists and to gather creative people and to provide them a space for communication.

Biggest project of Association is War Childhood Book&Museum:

Everything began with a crowd-sourced book project in 2010, when young Bosnian author Jasminko Halilović asked his peers “What did a war childhood mean to you?” After collecting more than 1000 short recollections (up to 160 characters) from more than 1000 people who were children during the war, he set out to edit them into a book. In 2013 Jasminko published “War Childhood” in the Bosnian language. Since then, the book has been translated into five more languages and further published in German and Japanese.

From book to museum

While working on his book, Halilović communicated with hundreds of participants. He noticed that besides feeling a need to share stories from their wartime childhoods, they also tended to connect their memories to physical objects. At the beginning of 2015 he assembled a team of anthropologists, historians, psychologists, and other contributors, which first developed a methodology and then began to put together a collection for the future War Childhood Museum. Fifteen months later, this collection now holds more than 3000 items and stories, as well as almost 100 hours of video testimonies. Museum will be opened in Sarajevo, December 2016.

URBAN also has appeared as publisher of many books and as organizer of biggest photo festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina – “Fotografija godine BiH (BH Photo of the year)” later Balkan Photo Festival, several exhibitions, concerts and book presentations. Also, self production of Urban made a many web-sites, photo and book projects and designs. So far, projects are promoted in association in Norway, Macedonia, Sweden, Denmark and San Marino.

Created in 2001, the Association Orchestra City of Almeria (OCAL) has been for more than 15 years managing the Music Season in the City of Almería with different concerts and other music activities, under the Musical Direction of Michael Thomas.

Its musical repertoire includes a wide array of genres: classical, contemporary and traditional ranging to the Coronation Mass to Flamenco, including the The Marriage of Figaro, Zarzuela or Music form Westerns.

From its very beginning OCAL has been very keen of cooperating with other musical entities in the organization of common events, not only with other classical orchestras, but also “crossing musical boundaries”. It has cooperated among others with Diana Navarro, Pasión Vega, Maxim Vengerov, Mei-Ting Sun, Plácido Domingo, Ara Malikian, Jose Manuel Zapata, Juan Francisco Padilla, Joan Manuel Serrat, or David Bisbal.

OCAL pays a particular attention to educational projects, and it works with the Young Orchestra -OJAL, and Children Orchestra – OIAL OJAL is the “recruiting pool” of OCAL, being an instrument to allow young musicians to acquire professional experience (94 musicians aged 7-18).