Three composers for one cause!

The jury panel: Mr. Mauro Montalbetti (jury chair), Mr. Francesco Antonioni (Italy) and Mr. Michael Thomas (Spain), made a selection of Three selected among 117 applications. Selected composers are:

Italy – Annachiara Gedda
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Vedran Mehinovic
Spain – Marcos Fernández

Explanation by the jury panel:

The competition call proposed by Eu.terpe saw the participation of 117 candidates (70 Italians, 43 Spanish, 4 Bosnians), a considerable high number. In order to give the maximum freedom of expression, the call did not impose any constraint concerning the composition to present for the selection, both regarding instruments, duration and language.

This freedom made the work of the jury more complicated and, guided by the Master Mauro Montalbetti, the jury arrived to the selection of three candidates. The President and the Commission, composed by the Masters Francesco Antonioni and Michael Thomas decided to autonomously evaluate all the scores, in order to have an overview of the general level and choose the general criteria:

  • No foreclosure concerning language, style, poetic
  • Keeping in consideration mainly three aspects: formal architecture, orchestration, language coherence
  • Evaluation of the score assigning a score from 0 to 10

Since the first evaluation, 5 Italian candidates emerged, 5 Spanish and 2 Bosnians. From this shortlist of candidates, the Commission discussed in order to reach a unanimous judgment, which took into consideration the actual skills that the selected compositors have in order to build an orchestra composition in three months.

The three selected composers (Italy, Spain, Bosnia) will share a common path in the making of an orchestral work. Guided by the director of the Syrian National Synphonic Orchestra Mr. Missak Baghboudarian. Musicians will meet in Sarajevo (9-12 October 2017) for a working stay and there , they will share their own creative journey. Each musical language will thus combine together with the Syrian musical tradition stressing the real purpose of this call: extend the interaction between different cultures.

Partners in project are Associazione Musicale Bruno Maderna (Italy), Associacion Cultural “Amigos de la Orquesta Ciudad de Almeria (Spain) and Udruzenje Urban (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

More about project you can find HERE